Everyday Solitude is a woman-led, purpose-driven mental health initiative that started in New Zealand, and now spans across the world. Our purpose is simple: to encourage, normalise and connect with the human condition.

What started as a dream to enable people to share their lived experiences quickly turned into a movement of vulnerability. What started as creative storytelling quickly turned into out-of-home creative campaigns, well-being business partnerships, community events and product development.

Everyday Solitude now acts as a multi-disciplinary business whose primary initiative is to advocate for mental health and encourage human connection. Our main initiative is clear: normalise the conversation around mental health, reduce stigma and result in a more connected society.

In recent times we have developed a flagship product: Everyday Conversations, which is a card game designed to foster communication and advance mental health through engaging conversation. This product is available to buy online and through a list of our beloved stockists. (Have links to these)

If you are interested in partnering with us, sharing your story or collaborating, please do not hesitate to reach out via jessica@everydaysolitude.com. There are no brand requirements to work with us. Just human requirements.

All of our love,
The Solitude Team